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Termites Are Becoming Popular On Social Media

After enjoying several years of near universal popularity, social media sites are becoming less exciting, and more bland. When visiting Facebook or Twitter we expect to find numerous inspiring quotes posted by friends, celebrity opinions concerning modern politics,... read more

Important Government Files Are Eaten By Termites

  Imagine asking for a reprint of your birth certificate only to be told that the original document had been eaten by termites. Certainly no such scenario could ever occur in reality, after all, important documents are protected by responsible notaries who are... read more

Termite Metropolis Has Never Existed

Most of us have visited a zoo at some point in our lives. The zoo is a common field trip destination, and for good reason. Not only can zoos be educational, but children are usually excited about seeing the large variety of different animals. Lions, tigers, gorillas,... read more

The Growing Termite Control Market

Americans are well aware of the fact that termites cause widespread structural damage in the United States. Therefore it should not come as a surprise to learn that the US spends more money on termite control efforts than any other country. The termite control market... read more

A Home Is Being Given Away For Free

These days, home ownership is not as affordable as it used to be. Many millenials today face issues when it comes to making regular mortgage payments. Naturally, millenials have instead opted to rent, or live with their parents. However, a once in a lifetime... read more

Termites Destroyed The Entire Island Of St. Helena

You may have heard of the Island of St. Helena, as it has a long and interesting history. The island is volcanic and tropical, as it sits in the south Atlantic ocean twenty five hundred miles east of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. St. Helena is well known for being the... read more

Woman Records Thousands Of Winged Termites

Owning an apartment complex can be a challenge, as the responsibility to address tenant complaints can become overwhelming and expensive. Of course, the tenant/landlord relationship is no easier for tenants, as landlords and/or property managers may ignore serious... read more

The “Termite Oracle” Can Answer All Of Life’s Questions

Over the course of human history mankind has used insects for a variety of different purposes. Termites were important insects to many ancient cultures, and even a few modern cultures as well. Today, most of the world knows termites as wood-destroying insect pests... read more

Palm Trees Are Often Targeted By Termites

There are around three thousand documented termite species in the world, and many of these species consume wood that is both living and dead. In America, termites conjure up images of dilapidated houses, but in many other parts of the world they are known primarily as... read more

Ivy Vines Are Not Eaten By Termites

Every once in a while we spot a building or a home that is nearly covered in ivy growth. These buildings have been a common sight in many parts of America for quite some time. In fact, the term “ivy league” refers to the ivy vines that hug University buildings in the... read more

Do Termites Hide Out In Potted Plants?

When people find themselves at the mercy of an in-home termite infestation, the main question on the minds of residents is often: “how did termites get into my house in the first place?” The answer to this question often depends on the species-type of the offending... read more

Some Spider Species Cannot Survive Without Termites

Termites are common prey to many arthropod species. The abundance of termites in the natural environment has provided many arthropod species with a neverending source of sustenance. Many arthropod species that prey on termites also prey on other families of insects.... read more

How Do Termite Colonies Respond To Alarm Signals?

Just like humans, animals must also communicate with one another in order to thrive as a species. Even tiny insects are sophisticated enough to communicate with other insects, and not always just the insects that make up their own species. As you can understand,... read more

How Did “Conehead” Termites Get Their Nickname?

It is probably safe to say that very few people have ever heard of a termite species known as Nasutitermes corniger. Given the recent news stories concerning this termite species, it may be wise for Americans to familiarize themselves with this particular termites... read more

Termites Create Abstract Art

Determining the cultural value of modern art can be a source of controversy. The days of super-realistic paintings that conjure up thoughts of the old Italian masters, such as Michelangelo  and Leonardo da Vinci, are long gone. Modern art is not as objective as... read more

Termites Play A Key Role In Maintaining Desert Ecosystems

When learning about termite habitats across the world, you will quickly realize that termites prefer to dwell within hot and humid tropical and subtropical regions. Most termite species are found within equatorial regions. As a general rule, the closer a person gets... read more

How Does A Termite’s Olfactory System Register Odors?

Many of you are probably aware of the fact that insects communicate through pheromone secretions. Insects can sense certain odors through their own unique olfactory mechanisms. Obviously, an insect’s olfactory system is markedly different from a human’s olfactory... read more

Which Country Has The Worst Termite Pest Problems?

Termites pose a major threat to old and new structures located within urban landscapes. As urban centers expand into natural environments, many native species are forced to adapt or die. Urban expansion is forcing some species to survive within urban areas, termites... read more

Where Do Most Invasive Termites Originate?

Invasive termites exist on all continents except for Antarctica. Although the invasive Formosan subterranean termite species causes serious economic damage in the United States, there are other regions that are even more burdened by invasive termite activity. During... read more

Law Requires Home Builders To Install Anti-Termite Barriers

When it comes to constructing new timber-framed homes, termites are always a concern. Luckily for some US citizens, not all states contain high termite populations. In states that do contain high termite populations, there are laws in place to protect home-buyers from... read more