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Can Termite Damage Cause Floorboards To Sag?

Buying a home has always been considered the most fundamental aspect of achieving the “American dream”. Unfortunately, a voracious termite colony can leave this dream in literal ruins. In most cases today, a termiticide barrier is applied into the soil surrounding a...

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Which Termite Species Infest Homes In Massachusetts?

The current number of termite species in the world varies depending on the particular source referenced, but the most up-to-date figures state that around 3,000 termite species have been documented worldwide. The United States is home to only 50 documented termite...

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How Are Most Subterranean Termite Infestations First Noticed

Most insect pest infestations can only be successfully eradicated by properly licensed and trained pest control professionals who have acquired a great deal of knowledge in their field. This is especially the case when it comes to termites, as termites may be the most...

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