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Why Is Termite Damage Particularly Problematic In The USA?

Here in the United States termites are considered to be the most damaging insect pests to private and public property. Annual termite pest activity in the US results in billions of dollars in damages. Two of the most damaging termite species in America include the... read more

Termites Share Water Through Kissing

Termites are well known for being social insects, like bees and ants. This basically means that termites work together in order to survive. For termites, it is the survival of a colony that is important, and not the survival of individual termites. Although termites... read more

Flowers Help Carnivorous Plants Obtain Tasty Bugs

Many people cannot help but to be continuously fascinated with the existence of carnivorous plants. Plants, judging by the way they appear, seem to be nothing more than inanimate objects. However, there are complex processes taking place within every species of plant.... read more

Termites Consumed A Man’s Life Savings

When it comes to protecting valuables, nothing beats the security of a safe-deposit box. If you are lucky enough to possess an item that people will pay big bucks for, then you have probably considered how best to keep the item safe from thieves. Whether you have a... read more

A Popular Public Library Has Become Infested With Termites

When it comes to insect infestations, public libraries cannot catch a break these days. There have been numerous news stories in the media telling about various insect pests infesting libraries. For example, a few months ago a well publicized bed bug infestation... read more

Termites Will Cause The Collapse Of A Town’s Fire Station

We are used to assocating termites with wood, and for good reason. Obviously, termites crave the cellulose that is contained within wood and other forms of plant matter. This is why nobody is ever surprised to hear about a termite infestation occuring within a... read more

How Are Pipes And Electrical Wires In Houses Protected

Many people have experienced varying degrees of termite infestations. Sometimes termites are noticed quickly enough to be professionally addressed before structures become heavily affected by termite damage. In more extreme cases, termites can gain dominance in a... read more

Flying Termites Swarm A Restaurant

If there is one thing that you do not want to find in a house that you own it is flying termites. In America, many termite species take flight during the spring around Mother’s Day. This means that termite swarming season is quickly approaching in America. Most of you... read more

All Termites Have Officially Been Reclassified

For more than a century termites have been classified under the Isoptera order. In fact, ever since termites have been scientifically studied, they have always belonged to this same order. What makes termites interesting is the fact that they are the only social... read more

Termites Can Easily Damage Your Home’s Insulation

When it comes to termite infestations within homes it seems that very few construction materials are immune to termite damages. Termites can manage to penetrate through durable materials in order to access cellulose in wood. Everything from steel pipes to concrete... read more

The Modern Termite Control Industry

Every scientific field of study has its pioneers. Whether it is physics, biology or engineering, there are numerous American Nobel Prize winners that the public is familiar with. Names like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are associated with physics, but what about... read more

Termites To Control Invasive Ant Populations

Termites never take a break from causing misery to humans. This makes termite control a booming industry. One common method of insect control involves luring pests to poison with bait. In order to make bait-traps effective, insect pests must be lured to poison by... read more

Termites Help Farmers Stop Crop-Destroying Fungi

There is a wide range of termite species on the planet. Although it may be hard to believe, but most termites are not interested in eating your house. In fact, only ten percent of the more than twenty five hundred termite species that exist are considered pests. So... read more

Why Do Aardvarks Feed On Tiny Termites?

All animals are driven by a need for sustenance. Obviously, the amount of food that a particular animal requires depends on the animal’s body size. Animals with relatively large bodies, like elephants, need a significant amount of food in order to keep their energy... read more

5 Basic Termite Tips | The Termite Boys

Termites can destroy your home or any property alike, that is why here at The Termite Boys Boston we created a list of 5 Basic Termite tips you can use to help you with termite season this year! It’s always important to remember if you have termite contact a licensed... read more

Can Sterile ‘Worker’ Termites Become Fertile?

According to Darwin, animals will survive if they possess traits that make them well adapted to their environments. It is most often the female that chooses which males are fit enough to pass their genes onto the next generation. But how does this theory apply to... read more

Can Termites Get Into Your House On Firewood?

Can Termites Get Into Your House On Firewood? Nobody is a termite enthusiast. Termites are universally hated, and with good reason–they can destroy your home! So naturally, many homeowners want to know how to avoid a tragic termite infestation. One question that... read more

10 Termite Prevention Tips | The Termite Boys

Termites can destroy your home or any property alike, that is why here at The Termite Boys Boston we have complied a list of 10 Tips for you to prevent termite damage on your property. Use these 10 easy steps to give you better piece of mind about termites but always... read more

5 Termite Tips for Summer | The Termite Boys

Termites can destroy your home or any property alike, that is why here at The Termite Boys Boston we have complied a list of 5 tips to help better protect your property from termites this summer. Follow these 5 tips so that you have a better chance of combating... read more