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Expensive Historical Landmark Is Infested With Termites

The city of Oxford in Georgia is notable for its many historical structures. These structures were built by and for followers of the methodist faith, and the vast majority were constructed between 1850 and 1910. The town was designed by Edward Lloyd Thomas, a... read more

Termites Create Abstract Art

Determining the cultural value of modern art can be a source of controversy. The days of super-realistic paintings that conjure up thoughts of the old Italian masters, such as Michelangelo  and Leonardo da Vinci, are long gone. Modern art is not as objective as... read more

Termites Destroyed Highly Valuable Items

Unfortunately we live in a world where our homes are in near constant danger of sustaining termite damage. Even if you do not own your own home, some of your tax dollars are spent repairing termite damages on public property. This is no small amount of money either,... read more

Termite Mound Art Is A Phenomenon

Not long ago a news report out of Australia described how one couple decorated a termite mound to look like a popular emoji. Those who are familiar with this story likely consider the couple’s mound art to be an example of a highly unusual form of artistic expression.... read more

The Amazon Rainforest Is Full Of Undiscovered Termite Species

Even if geography has never been your strong point academically, you likely know that the Amazon rainforest covers a vast expanse of territory in South America. Termites are certainly problematic in the United States, but termites, taken as a whole, generally prefer... read more

Can Extreme Summer Heat Kill Off Termite Colonies?

Termites, like all cold blooded creatures, cannot survive within environments where temperatures fluctuate dramatically between extreme cold and extreme heat. The majority of termite species must remain within conditions as warm as 75 to 95 degrees fahrenheit in order... read more

The Relationship Between Termites And Dinosaurs

Most people do not know how long insects have been on the planet, and few would believe that insects have been inhabiting earth for nearly one half of a billion years. Most experts believe that insects have been around for 400 million years, which, believe it or not,... read more

How Termites Are Responsible For A Wildfire

In the southwest United States, brushfires, bushfires and even full blown forest fires are, sadly, a common occurrence. It is perhaps not surprising that brushfires are also common in Australia’s dry forested regions. However, in America, there has yet to be one... read more