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Why Scientists Are Fascinated With Termite Fossils

Fossil evidence shows that the ancient world was home to numerous animal species that are now extinct. This is well known, but many people may not realize that finding fossils of extinct insects is not easy to do, as insects are often too small and soft-bodied to make...

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Cannibalistic Termites Suck The Blood Of Their Peers

Cannibalism is a common practice among arthropod species. Female on male cannibalism among certain spider species is, perhaps, the most commonly known form of cannibalism indulged by arthropods. In addition to spiders, numerous insect species also resort to...

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The Termites That Shoot Defensive Glue From Their Heads

The Nasutitermitinae subfamily of termites is a part of the termitidae family. The Nasutitermitinae subfamily includes numerous termite species, all of which are notable for being among the most advanced termite species that exist. Scientific literature concerning...

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Termites Consumed A Man’s Life Savings

When it comes to protecting valuables, nothing beats the security of a safe-deposit box. If you are lucky enough to possess an item that people will pay big bucks for, then you have probably considered how best to keep the item safe from thieves. Whether you have a...

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Expensive Historical Landmark Is Infested With Termites

The city of Oxford in Georgia is notable for its many historical structures. These structures were built by and for followers of the methodist faith, and the vast majority were constructed between 1850 and 1910. The town was designed by Edward Lloyd Thomas, a...

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Termites Create Abstract Art

Determining the cultural value of modern art can be a source of controversy. The days of super-realistic paintings that conjure up thoughts of the old Italian masters, such as Michelangelo  and Leonardo da Vinci, are long gone. Modern art is not as objective as...

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