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Missionaries Are Helping To Rebuild Termite Damaged Homes

The hurricanes that ravaged the Gulf Coast last fall caused extensive structural damages that are still being restored. Given the tremendous destructive power of the hurricanes last fall, you would probably be hard pressed to imagine the damages as being any worse.... read more

Tips for Selecting a Termite Control Company

What should you ask your Termite Control Company?  What chemicals do you use and are they safe for my family? Knowing the risks associated with the pesticides that are going to be sprayed is very important, as is being aware of the quantity the contractor intends to... read more

An Invasive Termite Led To Massive Destruction In The US

The state of Florida is well populated with insect pests. These high populations of insect pests come as a result of Florida’s environmental conditions, which are ideal for many insect species. Florida’s high humidity and abundant vegetation allow termite species to... read more

The Mysterious Termite Species That Is Killing

There are very few regions of the US that rarely see termite infestations, and this is why having regular termite inspections conducted on your property is important for nearly all Americans. The stress that goes along with termite infestations has prompted many... read more

The Exotic Kangaroo Island Is A Hotbed Of Insect Diversity

These days animal rights activists often go to extremes in order to demonstrate their love of animals. The PETA advertisements in magazines that feature celebrities are a perfect example of how serious some people are about the sanctity of animal rights. The... read more

Top 10 Termite Prevention Tips

Eliminate or reduce moisture in and around the home, which termites need to thrive. Repair leaking faucets, water pipes and exterior AC units. Repair fascia, soffits and rotted roof shingles. Replace weather stripping and loose mortar around basement foundation and... read more

5 Tips to Avoid Termite Infestations!

Firewood & Woodpiles Many homeowners keep firewood stacked against their home or on the stoop for easy access. However, doing so can draw termites toward the home and provide a point of entry. The NPMA recommends keeping firewood and woodpiles at least 20 feet... read more

Termite Inspections Should Not Be Avoided

Even though the month of June is not yet half over, this summer is already looking like it belongs to termites. Termite swarms and termite-damaged homes are being reported in just about every region in the southern half of the US. As usual, the Gulf Coast states are... read more

Termite Damaged Tree Killed A Person After Falling Over

Bandra is a neighborhood located in Mumbai, India, and for the past few months, residents of the region have been watching several ornamental trees come under attack by termites. Mount Mary Road is lined with one hundred and eighty nine trees. A few months ago,... read more

Scorpions Love Termites

It may not be hard to believe that termites make for easy prey. Luckily for termites, colonies tend to survive despite being preyed upon by a variety of animals. The fact that termites are relatively small sized insects helps them to go unnoticed by larger mammalian... read more

Termites Nearly Destroyed Priceless Antiques

Destructive insect pests have been found within museums before, and several incidents involving termite destruction to important artifacts have been documented. Although an infested museum can see termite damages, many museum buildings are made from materials that are... read more

The Miami-Dade Courthouse & Termites

Termites may be abundant within the state of Florida, but it is not often that you hear about these insects infesting buildings located within urban areas. However, for the past several years, city officials in Miami have been debating over the fate of their city’s... read more

Most Forms Of Termite Damage Occur Within A Home

Termites are common structural pests that exist within all regions of the United States, besides Alaska. Although each state contains termite life, no states see a greater abundance and diversity of termite species than Gulf Coast states. While not everyone in the US... read more

6 Tips To Spot A Termite Infestation

Here are a few clues that termites may be present in a home: Mud tubes (used by termites to reach a food source) on the exterior of the home Soft wood in the home that sounds hollow when tapped Darkening or blistering of wood structures Cracked or bubbling paint Small... read more

Tips to Keep Termites Away From Your Home

Termites are known as “silent destroyers” due to their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. They cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year – an expense typically not covered by homeowners insurance. The Termite Boys... read more

How Do Termites Penetrate Rigid And Durable Non-Wood

Termites are the most notorious structural pests in the world. Every year the cost of termite damages in America easily surpasses several billions of dollars. Needless to say, but termites need no introduction. Although it is well understood that termites often... read more

Two Termite Species Have Infested Five Holy Structures

Termite infestations are never convenient, unless they are infesting a structure that is scheduled to be demolished anyway. However, this is not the case at the historic mission at San Juan Capistrano. For those of you who live in California, you may have heard about... read more