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The South African Edible Termite Trade

The edible insect industry is bringing certain insects to public attention. For example, termites are notorious for destroying timber-framed homes and buildings; costing billions of dollars each year. If it was not for the widespread structural damages that termites...

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The Termites That Can Fly | The Termite Boys

Termites are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Termites can build their nests both above and below the ground, and they can easily gain access to your home and cause serious amounts of property damage. Termites are also very good at staying hidden, but the flying...

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Can Termite Damage Cause Floorboards To Sag?

Buying a home has always been considered the most fundamental aspect of achieving the “American dream”. Unfortunately, a voracious termite colony can leave this dream in literal ruins. In most cases today, a termiticide barrier is applied into the soil surrounding a...

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Which Termite Species Infest Homes In Massachusetts?

The current number of termite species in the world varies depending on the particular source referenced, but the most up-to-date figures state that around 3,000 termite species have been documented worldwide. The United States is home to only 50 documented termite...

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